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this wiki is about TJoC story mode, so why does it say TJoC:R? I don't know

Animatronics: Edit


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How To Survive: bedroomEdit

Four animatronics, five death possibilities, and one way to win. If you've played other FNAF fan games, you would know that you have to survive Ignited Freddy: Our favorite bear has returned (yet again) and relies on sight to kill you, close the curtain in your room by holding left click on the window, it is recommended that you do this when you see him staring at you. Ignited Bonnie: He appears from time to time at your bedroom door, when you hear the door open, sit down in your crib until you hear the door close. It is possible for him to get in your room, in which case, you're pretty much screwed. Ignited Chica: She is the only animatronic to not kill you (excluding foxy), but rather she will stun you, this will paralyze you for about a half second, this also makes your FOV extremely blurry, during this process your ears will ring, drowning out pretty much every sound possible. To defend yourself DO NOT sit in your crib, stare at the closet to make her go away. Ignited Foxy: He first becomes active at 3-4 AM, you can tell when he begins to attack because his hook will appear on the crib. when this happens, sit in your your crib and pretend to sleep before his final stage, which blocks your items, his second of three stages is when it's recommended to sleep